Welcome to DavidShield Group

Founded in 1999, The DavidShield Group is a global leader in developing innovative technological solutions and methodologies for the health insurance and healthcare management industries that significantly enhance customer satisfaction and distributor engagement.

Together with its integrated international medical and travel insurance activities: DavidShield, PassportCard (a joint venture with White Mountains Insurance Group), ExpatriateCard, DAVi and Hi, where within all, the Group’s technology and methodologies are implemented and proven, the DavidShield Group carries a strong worldwide presence with operations in over 95 countries, offices throughout Europe, a main innovation lab in Israel, and partnerships across the globe.

Empowered with proven success and first-hand understanding of the needs, challenges and drivers of health insurance providers internationally, the Group’s proprietary technology solutions are utilized by leading health providers worldwide for both international and domestic products. 

The Group’s contribution of pioneering technology for the health insurance industry has been awarded with the field’s most prestigious accolades, including the recent: Forum of Expatriate Management Award for Most Innovative Use of Technology in Global Mobility, the International Travel and Health Insurance Journal for Specialist Service Provider of the Year and listed as a MEDICI top 7 Insurtech company ; amongst others.